Allahabad High Court Dismisses PIL Challenging Govt Order To Issue Caste Certificate In English With 3K Costs

The Allahabad High Court on Thursday dismissed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) petition challenging the Government’s order allowing for the issuance of the caste certificate of the caste ‘Dhangar’ in the English language.

Finding nothing objectionable in the impugned orders, the Bench of Acting Chief Justice Munishwar Nath Bhandari and Justice Piyush Agrawal dismissed the plea with Rs. 3,000/- costs.

Essentially, a challenge was made to the orders dated 10.05.2019 and 21.05.2019, whereby a direction had been issued for issuance of caste certificate of the caste ‘Dhangar’ in English as the caste now mainly reside in urban areas

The Counsel for the petitioner had prayed to quash the orders arguing that there exists a restriction for issuance of the caste certificate in English. It was also argued that people from other castes too, would apply and get the caste certificate.

At the outset, the Court took into account the fact that a Presidential Notification to provide a caste certificate in the category of Scheduled Caste or Schedule Tribe in Hindi, and in the English version was issued simultaneously.

In this regard, the Court noted the Government took a decision to issue a caste certificate in English on the proforma provided by the Government of India and, thus, the Court noted that there is no bar to issue a caste certificate in English.

Lastly, noting that the petitioner could not show a single document to indicate misuse of the orders impugned herein whereby the caste certificate had been given to a member of another caste, the Court observed that the Writ petition had been filed only to seek publicity and not to espouse a public cause.

Therefore, the writ petition was dismissed with a cost of Rs. 3000/- to be deposited with High Court Legal Aid Committee, Allahabad within a period of one month.

Case title – Jitendra Kumar And 4 Others v. Union Of India And 2 Others

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