Inauguration of Video Conferencing Solution at Madhya Pradesh High Court By Chief Justice

The Madhya Pradesh High Court Chief Justice Mohammad Rafiq has virtually inaugurated a customized video conferencing solution for the High Court of M.P. and District Judiciary.

The High Court of Madhya Pradesh has procured 1200 licenses and a further rate contract of 500 licenses of Cisco WebEx with many new features. For High Court, the V.C. solution is integrated with the CIMS system, and for District courts, this V.C. solution is to be combined with the current CIS 3.2 software system.

The newly integrated virtual hearing system has the feature of hosting an unlimited number of meetings without any time limit. It allows maximum participants to collaborate with two-way audio & video, chat, poll & content share within a single session with participants joining from P.C., laptop, mobile devices like android/iOS over an app using 3G/4G Broadband / ILL (internet lease line).

“The solution is online, real-time collaboration tool with features like; public & private chat video, voice, audio, screen sharing, Document or presentation sharing, recording, etc., content annotation,” the Press Release read.

In an attempt to provide user-friendly services to all stakeholders, the High Court has introduced a solution having inbuilt webinar functionality to live stream meetings and Court proceedings. The platform has a stage/advanced layout so that some of the key stakeholders can be pinned on the screen so that they are also visible during the meeting.

The new virtual facility is provided with a customized home page with the logo of the High Court and is integrated with the custom interface with fixed VC Link through the website of the High Court.

The Advocates/participants can customize the name before joining the meeting, the format will be pre-defined, and once someone clicks on the URL or click on the “Join V.C.” link, they will be prompted with a form with a drop-down to select their case number, their identity and enter their name before entering the lobby or the court hearing.

“It will help the Judges and court master to identify the correct participants for respective cases quickly,” the Press Release further reads.

The customized solution will provide the customized report option. The administrator can select the courtroom, enter the date and period and generate a report of all participants who have visited that meeting room. This generated report can be customized as per requirement such as joining time of participant, V.C. duration of the participant, I.P. address of the participant, etc.

The facility is enabled to customize the manner in which the Petitioners/Respondents join Virtual Court Case hearings and allows the moderators/hosts to manage the participants better. It also can plan Virtual Court Case hearings using CIMS software of the High Court. It will enable one to plan dedicated video conferencing sessions per Court Room.

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