Section 105G CrPC, The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973: Notice of forfeiture of property.

Section 105G CrPC

Notice of forfeiture of property.
(1) If as a result of the inquiry, investigation or survey under section 105D, the Court has reason to believe that all or any of such properties are proceeds of crime, it may serve a notice upon such person (hereinafter referred to as the person affected) calling upon him within a period of thirty days specified in the notice to indicate the source of income, earnings or assets, ot of wceich or by means of which be has acquired such property, the evident on which be relies and other relevant information and particulars, and to show cause why all or any of such properties, as the cam may be, should not be declared to be proceeds of crime and forfeited to the Central Government,
(2) Where a notice under sub- section (1) to any person specifies any property as being held on behalf of such person by any other person, a copy of the notice shall also be served upon such other


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