Section 45Q of The Banking Regulation Act, 1958: Power to inspect.

Section 45Q of The Banking Regulation Act, 1958: Power to inspect.

Power to inspect. – (1) The Reserve Bank shall, on being directed so to do by the Central Government or by the High Court, cause an inspection to be made by one or more of its officers of a banking company which is being wound up and its books of accounts .
(2) On such inspection, the Reserve Bank shall submit its report to the Central Government and the High Court.
(3) If the Central Government, on consideration of the report of the Reserve Bank, is of opinion that there has been a substantial irregularity in the winding up proceedings, it may bring such irregularity to the notice of the High Court for such action as the High Court may think fit.
(4) On receipt of the report of the Reserve Bank under sub-section (2) or on any irregularity being brought to its notice by the Central Government under sub-section (3), the High Court may, if it deems fit, after giving notice to and hearing the Central Government in regard to the report, give such directions as it may consider necessary.


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