No logo has been approved for teachers in the country | Pune News

Pune: The teaching community in the country was in for a surprise after a message claiming special logo being approved for them went viral recently.
The message stated that the Supreme Court of India has approved a special logo for teachers to put on their vehicles, much like doctors and lawyers.
However, when scrutinised by the panel of experts with the TOI’s Times Verified initiative, the message was found to be fake.
In fact, the Press Information Bureau, through its fact check twitter handle, clarified as early as September 15 that the message was ffake. The clarification issued by PIB had read, “A post claiming that the Supreme Court has approved a logo for teachers to put on their vehicles is in circulation. This claim is fake. No such directive has been issued by the Supreme Court.”
The twitter handle further cautioned the general public against forwarding such pieces. “The biggest disservice people can do the society and the nation is by forwarding such messages to their contacts, thus, aiding disinformation and fake news,” an expert associated with the Times Verified initiative said.
Times Verified was launched early this year with an intention to arm public with the truth and stop the spread of fake news. It initially centred around viral news on Covid-19 and lockdown, before being opened for all viral news making the round on social media in August.

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